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Your business needs excellent internal management solutions along with ease of use. And we provide it. At unbeatable costs.

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Why us?

We know that every client is different. And so is every business. For what, we offer unlimited flexibility in our solutions so you get the product you want without burning a hole in your pocket. (Oh, and did we mention quality?)

For startups and small enterprises, money can be a limiting factor. With incorporation to compliances, there is often no return immediatily. However, to provide quality products to your clients, you need quality tools.

Support for Startups and OPC

If you are a recognised startup or a One Person Company, we will try to do our best to make sure that your solution doesn't cost you a kidney!

Customer service

We pride ourselves over having excellent customer service! Your solution will be delivered with an excalation matrix* where extremely urgent problems will be addressed within 12 hours of receiving the notice.

Flexible payment options

We accept a variety of payment options from bank transfers, UPI, wallets to direct cash deposit! Tell us what suits you the best.

Did someone say design?

Along with software development, we also specialise in branding design and website design (and development, duh!).

Pens, letterheads, website, unicorns, you tell us. We'll make it. At least try.

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Our Way

People say, "Jack of all trades, master of none." Well, we'd like to give the writer of that sentence emperical evidence that it's not true. At Isomr, we strive to be the best when it comes to the quality and range of services you get under one roof. What remains the same? The quality, the guarantee, and the low-cost!

You contact us for a quote along with a short description of the services you want. On receipt, the bunch at Isomr starts working. You receive a call from our associate within 24 hours to discuss your idea.

We prepare a detailed estimate for your proposal and send it back to you. If you like the estimate, you confirm it and make the payment for the auto-generated invoice. P.S.: You do all of this (and more) through your super-cool client portal.

In case you have suggestions, you can reject the estimate and add your comments. This cycle repeats till you finally accept the proposal. (Trust us!)

Upon receipt, we prepare a set of documents for you. You go through them and sign it. (eSign/DSC/Hand Drawn. Whatever you prefer!)

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Client Contract
  • Scope of Work
  • Timeline and Milestones
  • Access to your project tracker (at extra cost)
  • A pet rubber-ducky

After receiving everything and setting up everything, the nerds in the engineering team start to work.

They keep on sending you the deliverables based on the milestones. You either accept and let them continue; or you give us your suggestion.

Finally, once your satisfied with the entire product, you give us the green light and we package it and deliver it.

Traditionally, we deploy it for you but if you want a documented self-deploy tarball or zip, we can do it for you. (At additional cost.)

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Now that you know our process, give us a shot! You will love us!


Point-of-Sale, ePOS Mobile Applications, or anything you can use to sell your items. Excellent for merchants planning to take a baby step in digitizing their business.


Get started with that kick-ass product and get your own online selling platform designed and deployed to perfection. P.S.: Get a domain name and an SSL certificate free!

Gateway Integration

We would be more than glad to incorporate a new or an existing payment gateway in your application at minimal costs and help you maximise your profits!

Logistics and Operations

In the past, we have worked with quite a few hospitals and made invoicing, logistics, laboratory and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

What all can we do?

Here are just a few things.

We love the Payment and the eCommerce industry. So much so that one of our Founders has read the entire PCI-DSS manual. (Yes, it's you Shreyansh.) You focus on your business, let us handle all the integrations!

Apart from that, we can also help you with an excellent website (responsive, of course), brand design, logos, data record systems and so much more.

If you want to know a full range of our services (along with prices), contact us for more and our associate will get back to you within 24 hours!

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